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In May of 1983, Randa Samuels Richter ventured out to create her own firm. At that time, the focuses of her work were small-scale residential and commercial architectural projects, many of which are interior architectural projects.

Over the years, she has increased her portfolio, keeping relationships with the same clients designing second homes and offices.
The inspiration found in the designs built over 20 years has been a combination of the client’s requirements, new technologies, social and political economics, contextual matters surrounding the project and the designer’s unique perspective identifying and overcoming the project’s challenges.

Characteristically, the designers of Samuels Richter Architects have sought to find the simplest solutions to the problems that clearly resolve the issues in the project, so that the spaces created are clean and uncluttered. Design-style has never been an important design element unless it is requested by the client. Even then, style-focused projects have been expressed as subtly as possible, including specific historical styles.

Recently the economics of the projects has been overshadowed by their sustainability. Our entire society has become “green” conscious and thus so have our buildings, this concept has always had some presence in our projects and work environment but never as much as now, as several of our staff are LEED Accredited Professionals. It is a welcomed addition to our design criteria and helps us be even more inventive in design.



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samuelsrichter is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.